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Our Next Pop Up Is On









Patel’s Real Indian Food Project

Most Saturdays (and some Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays) we ‘pop up’ in the Silverspoon Café, Castleknock to give the most unique real Indian food night.

With always just one set menu we bring your real food from the homes of India, from their table to yours.

To celebrate true traditional Indian family made food we invite native Indian home cooks from different regions of India. We will present different styles of cooking and with deep tradition and cultural secrets to produce a menu of traditional food as you would get in their home. The small twist is we will use local produce all got or bought from within a 5km radius supporting local producers and local businesses.

With cool hip Indian music and a brilliant wine menu we promise a real experience. Check here for our next date, our next menu and details of our next chef and book your table fast. There are only 20 seats @ €50 per head (includes 2 glasses of wine picked to compliment the meal in question and a 3 course set meal!)

We have a set restaurant layout also: we can accommodate a table for 8 and three tables of 4 giving 20 people a unique intimate real Indian food experience!