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Who are the Patels?

“This idea was born from my family’s
love for and history of Indian cooking.
Hope you enjoy our recipes…”
Raman Patel Jr.

My father (Raman Snr.) is of Indian ethnicity. He was born in Zambia of Indian parents. My father’s parents prevail from the Gujerat region in India, and it is this very Indian region which has influenced our family the “Patel’s” and their style of preparing & cooking wonderful Indian food. His 5 sisters are all very good cooks and they inherited their knowhow from their mother to whom all credit is due in passing on her knowledge of Indian cooking.

I am reliably informed of the days in my father’s youth where he could only but observe the goings on in the family kitchen as males were not always very welcome in the kitchen as his sisters did all the cooking. He observed and learnt enough to take on the many dishes that were prepared on a daily basis in his family home. Eventually, necessity forced him as a student in college to put what he had learned into practice, his knowledge of his family’s way of cooking and the ingredients they used came in very handy. He was also very much influenced by his many friends of different ethnicity which rounded a unique style and resulted in many unique recipes.

My father continued and continues to this day to produce the same authentic family recipes whilst having over the years added his own.

My mother Ann, who is Irish is also a fabulous cook who can cook many superb Irish and European dishes and added her own touch and feel to some of the many Indian recipes me and my family cook. The “Patel’s” way of cooking has been passed on for generations and continues to be passed on to this day.

The region in India from which my father hails from known as the state of Gujerat on the western seaboard of India, north of the city of Mumbai, has it’s own way and style of cooking. As with many aspects of life today there is inevitably an influence from other cultures and ways of cooking including the West. However, the Gujerati way is a long tradition developed over many generations handed down by mother to daughter (and now father to son!).

My father’s family are no exception. The kitchens were always a lively place where mother and her daughters perennially produced the tastiest of foods not overwhelmed by any one spice. The males in the family can cook but the history on the creativity of this food belongs to the females.

The taste of curry is massive. In years to come, if not already it will pervade all forms of cooking. The taste is achieved by a knowledgeable blending of spices which are then used in a certain way to produce the desired effect. The Gujerati way of blending and cooking forms the basis of one kind of Indian cuisine. My family (the generations of Patel’s) would say it’s not only the best way of cooking but the only way!

With our Indian Recipes & Spice Kit you can recreate all the dishes and the history gone by from our authentic family recipes to the western influence that has made Indian food so popular. We have been true to our region and style and kept the Gujerati and Patel’s influence throughout all the dishes.